Monday, May 18, 2009

Starting a new Blog

This is the first post in a new Blog series about software development. So I should carefully consider what to write and what not. Honestly I'm not a poet and I will never be. I'm a a software developer with passion and with a hard link to technology. So what to start with? When I started my first Blog in voneinem-windbg in 2005 the first post was something like "Hello World...". Unfortunately I deleted this one because I considered it as silly and not serious. The main intention that time was to keep my lernings about windbg for me and as I stated 'possibly for others'. As I can register ~1000 reads/month others can now also benefit from my lernings. Over the time I found myself in the situation that I wanted blog about other things besides debugging so I'm now comming up with this blog. This time I will start again with the famous: Hello world!

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